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 CrossRoads Advanced Clinical Massage & Myotherapy

 Exceptional Massage for Health and Healing

CrossRoads Massage in North Mankato, MN provides pain management and stress reduction without the use of conventional medications.  We offer a distinctly different approach to massage with the application of techniques specific to each client and their individual needs.

CrossRoads:  The choice between conventional medical treatment with medications and invasive procedures or a more natural approach can be confusing and frightening, especially when you are in pain.  I can help you determine if my services, combined with your commitment to healing, can help on your journey toward pain relief, improved health and quality of life.

Advanced:   Our founder, Kay Miller, is a Registered Nurse and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Kay has over 15 years massage experience and many hours of continuing education.  Kay has been a massage instructor in two massage schools and has helped many quality therapists build and grow their practices focusing on therapeutic massage.

Clinical:  Clinical Massage is the application of massage techniques with specific intent and purpose, emphasizing the treatment of muscular and fascial injury, chronic pain, structural and postural distortions, and soft tissue dysfunction.  Clinical massage also considers other treatments and medications the patient may be undergoing and works with other medical practitioners to provide a team approach.

Massage:  All of the treatments are hands-on, manipulating muscle and connective tissue to aid in healing, enhance function, and promote stress reduction and well-being.

Myotherapy:  A specific type of deep muscle therapy used  in combination with several massage techniques tailored to each patient depending on their needs and desired level of health.

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